VQLab is a key tool for R&D projects which need constant video quality assessment. It’s DirectShow based implementation makes it suitable for every environment supporting virtually any video format. By providing a powerful graph editor, VQLab offers what most DirectShow based applications lack: complete control over your test environment. VQLab CLI allows for completely automated regression and acceptance testing. The CLI also makes VQLab suitable for adding automated quality control to existing ingest systems and basically any video processing system involving compression.

VQLab 1.2 is now available for download.


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VQ Flow


Automated video quality control, what content preprocessing, video post production and video service providers are asking for, is now available and ready to be integrated with any ingest or content management system. Our quality control libraries can be seamlessly integrated with any application to provide highly valuable automated quality control features.

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VQ Embed


VQEmbed libraries provide real-time video/audio quality monitoring for the broadcasting equipment producers and OEMs who want to offer a fully automated Quality of Service monitoring solution to their customers.


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Replace this text with information about you and your business or add information that will be useful for your customers.The EdgeStationTM is a reliable, highly-configurable software solution capable of delivering real-time MPEG2 and H264 HD/SD encoding and streaming capabilities for a wide range of professional VOD and IPTV applications.


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